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Platinum Beanie Baby Authentication Service

The Authenticity Certificate and smaller certificate are pictured below. Our certificates are also available in solid blue ink. This is special paper and ink manufactured exclusively for Peggy Gallagher Enterprises to maintain superior security and integrity for many years.

authenticity certificate

identity card


Our authentication service is the # 1 and only service on  Beaniemom, eBay, Ms. Janie,  smartcollecting, Traderlist and Ty Trade.

The Beanie Baby will in no way be altered. It will be returned to you intact in the acrylic display case. If you choose to void the seal of authenticity you may do so, however it's authenticity can no longer be valid. 

certified beanie 1. The Beanie will be inspected by Peggy. 2. A numbered certificate of authenticity will be assigned to your Beanie. 3. The Beanie will be placed with its certificate in a sturdy, Lucite case (shown in this picture). 4.The Beanie case will be sealed with a tamper evident tape. Your Beanie will be shipped back within 2 -3 business days of receipt of the Beanie. You will be emailed the USPS tracking number.

  The Beanie must have an authentic Ty tush tag to be authenticated

If your Beanie is counterfeit or it is real with an altered or counterfeit tag, you will be notified of this fact in writing by email. If your Beanie is not a genuine Beanie or it is a real Beanie with counterfeit tags you still will be responsible for paying the authenticity fee. If you have an authentic Beanie with a counterfeit tag and want the tag removed to have it authenticated please write a note on the form. We will remove and return the counterfeit tag.

If you have a counterfeit, altered or tag altered Beanie it is your responsibility to follow up with the buyer or supplier Notice of its problem/ problems will be sent to you in writing via e-mail. Peggy Gallagher Enterprises, Inc. can not become involved any further.

This service supplies an answer whether your Beanie and tags are real or not.  Peggy will provide the information and return your Beanie. Beyond this it is your responsibility to resolve the counterfeit issue.

Peggy Gallagher Enterprises has inspected over 150,000 Beanies. This is the first Beanie Baby authentication service and has become well accepted and trusted. 

REMEMBER: Most people selling counterfeits have no clue they have a counterfeit.

While every precaution has been taken, Peggy Gallagher Enterprises, Inc., shall have no liability to any person or entity with respect to loss of monies

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